Poultry Services

Sandhill Veterinary Services provide a wide range of services for Commercial Poultry.

Services include:

  • Post mortem examinations and cultures in our own lab
  • Site visits and consultations
  • Veterinary health planning
  • Staff training and client information evenings
  • Coccidial oocyst and worm egg counts
  • Salmonella testing
  • Prescriptions
  • Hygiene swab and drinking water cultures
  • Medicine, vaccine and disinfectant sales
  • Blood testing and storage of baseline bloods
  • Production monitoring – bird weights and mortality data

We are laboratory that offers services and consultancy to the commercial poultry industry. We do not have the facilities to see or examine individual pet birds.

Disease Diagnosis

Our on-site laboratory and post mortem room facilitate the detailed examination of birds and samples enabling us to provide results quickly, allowing prompt treatment and advice.

Post mortem examinations:

  • Usually take between 15 and 30 minutes.
    – If you wish to wait for results then please phone ahead to ensure a vet is free
  • Alternatively, birds can be left at any time during office hours
  • Samples can be left outside normal hours by prior arrangement with the office
  • Samples may also be submitted by post/ courier
    – please ensure that packages are correctly wrapped to prevent leakages and have the correct postage paid. All samples should be accompanied with contact details of the owner and a brief history of the birds.

Please select birds typical of the flock as a whole for PM submission.
By selecting the most appropriate sample in any situation we are able to obtain the greatest amount of information – do contact the practice if you want any advice.


Dispensing of Medicines

Prescription only medicines (antibiotics and anti-coccidials) and veterinary advice can only be supplied to birds under our care and where a clinical diagnosis has been made.

To allow this:

  • You must be a client of the practice
  • We need to have seen your birds or tested your samples
  • We must have sufficient knowledge of the birds in question

Antibiotics should only ever be used for treating bacterial diseases and should never be used routinely or for non-specific conditions.

Products available

In addition to medicines (including wormers and anti-coccidials) and vaccines we have a range of products available for routine treatment of domestic birds.

These include

  • Multivitamins
  • Probiotics -Clostat
  • Total Prebiotic
  • Tonics
  • Water treatment products
  • External parasite treatments
  • Disinfectants

Please speak to us for more information on products available

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